Soma Hair Technology – Essential Haircare. The most sophisticated color protection line available. Guaranteed!

Soma has always searched the globe for the most unique and beneficial ingredients to be used in hair care formulations. Our suppliers throughout the world focus on new and innovative products while managing their companies in an “Earth first” manner. Never compromising on performance, Soma’s “Hair Technology” line uses the best ingredients the world has to offer while having a net zero environmental impact.

From Wheat protein foam boosters to a plant-derived Keratin protein, our earth-based line has incorporated the most sophisticated plant ingredients to give superior results over conventional professional product lines. All of our ingredients go through stringent testing to ensure quality. Each is quarantined and tested to meet our compliance – stability, purity, and testing for microorganisms are just a few of the quality assurance measures given to every ingredient. We make no compromise to give the end consumer the most scientifically safe product available.

All of our products are formulated with a paraben-free and formaldehyde-free preservative. Being one of the only globally approved preservatives, our consumers can be reassured that all of our products are safe and offer no toxilogical hazards.


Keratin Protein

Hair is fundamentally made of Keratin Protein. Our fully plant-derived Keratin Protein offers permanent conditioning to even undamaged hair. Increased strength and sheen are just a few benefits this ingredient offers.

Wheat Amino Acids

Small enough to penetrate deep into the hair shaft where it exhibits powerful moisture-binding properties, Wheat amino acids aid in the overall feel and condition of your hair from the inside out..