Complete Colour

Soma Hair Technology – Essential Haircare. The most sophisticated colour protection line available. Guaranteed!

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The Difference

Soma Hair Technology took every need, every challenge, every aspect of today’s salons and stylists to release one of the industry’s finest and most effective color lines. We listened to you – the colorists – by providing REAL No-Ammonia, No-MEA, Keratin protein & Moisture-infused (sunflower oil) color you desire. Our color was created to truly perform and deliver a noticeably better product.

  • Deposit Only – No-Lift permanent color
  • Refreshing – Without fading like that of demi-color
  • Toning Hi-Lites – without “bumping” or lifting the base
  • Toning – Without fading like that of demi-color
  • Low-lighting – Without fading or filling
  • A safe, gentle product that leaves hair beautiful and shiny
  • 19 Intermixable colors
  • More creativity for the stylist
  • Less inventory
  • Evenly replaces pigment; no fillers/filling needed
  • Complete Color adapts to specific client’s hair porosity
  • No “grabbing” too dark
  • Only one application needed to correct off or uneven tones in hair
  • Multi-Purpose, Multi-Use
  • Formulated by stylists to create translucent, blending, multi-tone, and opaque shades from one tube
  • Our color was created to mix perfectly with our developers for BOTH brush and bottle applications. A bottle application is ideal for blonde toning.
  • Less inventory
  • 100% Gray coverage
  • Doesn’t pull warmth or fade brassy – Even while using 20 volume developer
  • Beautiful cool brunettes without “muddy” results
  • Damage-free corrective coloring
  • No Ammonia & No MEA – Meaning totally safe for the colorist and client
  • Keratin Protein & Moisture-Infused
  • Non-Progressive – Stress-Free experience

A product that completely changes the way colour is done requires a suitable name – hence Soma COMPLETE Colour. This revolutionary product is sure to become every colorists’ #1 choice when providing nothing but the best for their clients. No more demi-permanent colors or toners that FADE.

Even better: This state-of-the-art hair color technology is available for sale at salons so clients can maintain their hair color, worry-free with products that are PH-balanced, keratin-rich and absent of sulfate and alcohol.